Work Shops

After long years of teaching art and exhibitions in many countries as a painter, I have now reached a different method of teaching art: workshops. This is a new challenge for me. Some of the most important points in organizing workshops are:


1.Making a large impact on students in a very short time;
2.Particularly interesting is teaching those with no previous artistic experience;
3.Or, those who are living in difficult conditions;
4.Women and children acquire a new self-confidence;
5.Perhaps, for some it will open a door to arts as a profession;
6.Group work brings people closer together;
7.In illnesses and helpless situations, it can be used as a therapy which will bring hope and quicker healing
8.To bring joy and relaxation to all groups.

List of Workshops
1.Teaching art in the German School in Tehran, with many student exhibitions, competitions, and workshops in Tehran and abroad (1996-2003).

2.”Festival Femmes en Iran” with Dena Group in Ville d’Evry, France (2003).


3.”Women beyond Borders”, seminar and workshop for the University of Abu Dhabi with Dena Group (2006).


4.Second Film Festival for highschool girls in Abadan and Khorramshahr, workshop by Gizella Varga Sinai (2006).


5.Workshop exhibition by Gizella Varga Sinai, in collaboration with cancer patients, organized by Behnam Dahesh Pour Charity Group in Pasargad Gallery (2006).


6.Workshop for Highschool girls in Abadan and Khorrramshahr 2006-2007

7.Workshop for Omide-e Mehr privately founded charity 2007

8.Workshop Qanat al Qasba – Abu Dhabi 2007

9.Naturmandalas for refugee-kids – Finland 2007

10.Teaching acryl paintings technic at Nordic Art School – Finland 2007

11.Mandalas with letters for teachers and art students – Finland 2007

12.Etnic mirrormandalas for university-students – Finland 2007

13.Enviromental Art Festival – Hormoz, Iran 2007

14.Art Workshop for Psychiatrists – Tehran 2008

15.Workshops in France supported by RELIEF (Maison de Quartier, Saint Blaise-PARIS,6) – 2008-2009

16.Workshops in France supported by RELIEF (Maison de Quartier, Champs Elysees-Evry) – 2008-2009

17.Workshops in France supported by RELIEF (Maison de Quartier, JacQues Prevert-Evry) – 2008-2009

18.Visiting artist program, New Canaan Country School, USA ,2009

19. Mandala Workshop with Apneaap Organization, Najafgarh, New Delhi ,2010

20. Workshop with TellusArt Organization ,India ,2010