3 – Echo of Silence

“Echo of Silence” was based on stone bas relifs of ancient ruins…”in the depths of millenniums, the stillness of ruins, and the silence of images, there is a meaningful echo: Beware! History is made by you and me; by us!” This time, the images on stone tell the story of man in the passage of time; warriors, horses, lovers… all of them cracked, Petrified figures. The petrified flight of a bird, yet awaiting birth in a nest, and again in another place in the midst of stone images, a wild flower, a thorny bush, two small fish, or a pomegranate, red and ripe… I believe that life calmly, yet determinedly, wins over the passage of time and thus existence and non-existence are tightly interwoven. We know that world histories will exist in great circles of the ever-repeating life.
(Acrylic on canvas)